We pride ourselves on providing customers with premium reconditioned computers that are both heavily discounted and unbeatable in terms of quality and service. We source second hand computers and professionally refurbishing  them to 'like new' for businesses and home users who want reputable computing products that go the distance without costing the earth.

Our highly-trained team put each used PC or laptop through rigorous multiple-point checks to ensure they are operating at peak performance before we resell them. Every computer sold by Balaji comes with genuine Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems, so customers can easily install a wide rge of software applications and games.

Quality you can trust

Our refurbishment specialists are on hand to answer any questions customers may have about our Windows 7 refurbished PCs, laptops and computer peripherals. Our goal is to provide our customers with products to meet their IT needs for everyday low prices.

Why buy your next computer elsewhere, when you can get the lowest prices on premium products from Balaji?

When people hear the word 'refurbished', they often believe that the product has been damaged at one time or another. This is not the case. All products sold by Balaji are typically bought in bulk from IT companies that have upgraded their older equipment. We refurbish the products to make them like new, so that our customers can purchase top-of-the-line computer systems at prices they can afford.

Our Products

Our stock changes frequently, so customers need to check our current inventory before they make a purchase. Our goal is to deliver complete customer satisfaction with every product that we sell. In addition to desktop PCs and laptops, we offer an extensive range of monitors, servers, printers and networks by top manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, LENOVO and HP.

Choosing the right computer

Buying a computer can be a big investment and with so many different options available to you it can be hard to decide which computer meets your technical needs and what is within your budget.

The team at Balaji Computer have pulled together a guide that will hopefully help you decide whats best for you when looking to purchase a computer.